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The new Bogotá birdwatching guide will show you why this is the best city in the world for birding!

This week we attended the launch of Birds of Bogotá, a new user-friendly guidebook that is for everyone and anyone. The guide details 176 species found in the city and gives you all the information you need to enjoy birdwatching at 32 different locations in and around Bogotá. We've got our copy and we have to say it's definitely one of the most complete and well put together guides we have seen in Colombia. We are also proud to have contributed 33 photos of both birds and locations taken during our tours.

In just 5 short years, tourism in Bogotá has grown by an estimated 71.7%. Given its strategic placement along the Eastern range of the Andes mountains, it's no wonder Bogotá is one of the best cities in the world for birdwatching. The city itself has a registered 250 species and offers excellent opportunities for day trips. You can easily explore different ecosystems from urban wetlands and gardens to cloud forests and high-altitude páramos. For more information on birdwatching destinations around the city you can visit our Birdwatching and Wildlife tour page.

Before and after the launch event we joined other attendees for some birdwatching at the botanical gardens (check out the pictures below to see some of what we saw).

Left to right: Green Heron, Eastern Kingbird, Venezuelan Troupial, Rusty Flowerpiercer (f)

Printed copies of the guidebook are not available for sale but you can download a pdf version for free at the following link:

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