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Sustainable Tourism Bogotá

Overnight Private Tours

Tequendama Cloud Forest Reserve 

(1 to 2 nights in ecolodge)


Hike through the green, lush forest of Chicaque in search of colorful tanagers, toucans & agoutis. Take in spectacular views while watching the clouds roll in and out of the mountain. Spend a restful night in a forest cabin surrounded by the living sounds of nature.

Cock-of-the-rock Expedition 

(1 night in rural accommodation)

Santa Maria Nick-119.jpg

   Experience one of the most beautiful drives in the region as we cross the Eastern Andes along the Chivor dam in search of the magnificent Cock-of-the-rock. This location is a birder's paradise with spectacular views and surprises around every corner.

Coming soon!

Chingaza Wildlife Safari 

(1 to 2 nights in mountain refuge)


Experience the uniqueness of the páramo mountaintop ecosystem from the comfort of a vehicle. Visit high-andean lagoons while looking for deers, condors, eagles and spectacled bears. We can also arrange a custom 3-day itinerary to match specific interests. 

Birds & Butterflies of the Coffee Lands 

(1 to 2 nights in coffee or cacao farm)

Journey with us to an area abundant in birdlife, butterflies & exotic flora. The region offers stunning scenery and excellent opportunities for nature photography, with shade-grown coffee and cocoa plantations providing sanctuary for over 300 species of resident and migratory birds. 

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