Sustainable Tourism Bogotá

Multi-day Tours

Tequendama Cloud Forest Reserve (2 days)

Hike through lush cloud forest in search of colorful tanagers, toucans & agoutis. Take in spectacular views while watching the clouds roll in and out and spend a restful night surrounded by the living sounds of nature.


Camino al Meta Chingaza Trek (2 days)

   Three centuries ago catholic monks set up a trail to cross the high Andes in order to evangelize the natives. Chingaza National Park has recently made this forgotten route available as one of the most challenging, yet least visited mountain passages in Colombia. Dare to explore!


Coffee & Chocolate Farm Stay (2 days)

Experience life as a real coffee and cocoa (chocolate) farmer. This amazing combo tour will offer you a chance to participate in the production process from start to finish and taste the fruits of your own farm labor.

Not Available

Chingaza Wildlife Safari (2 days)

Experience the uniqueness of the páramo mountaintop ecosystem from the comfort of a vehicle. Visit high-andean lagoons while looking for deers, condors, eagles and spectacled bears. We can also arrange a custom 3-day itinerary to match specific interests. 

Birds & Butterflies of the Coffee Lands (2 days)

Experience a wide range of species with spectacular photographic opportunities as we journey through forests ranging from 800-1900 m.a.s.l. Coffee and chocolate farm tours can be added on to this itinerary for those looking to combine birding with other activities.

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