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Orchids of Chingaza National Park

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants and are also one of the oldest flowers in existence. They live up to 100 years and make themselves at home on every continent except Antarctica. Colombia boasts the largest number of orchids on the planet, with an estimated 4270 species. 1467 of these species are endemic (found nowhere else on earth) and 207 are endangered.

The majority of species are found in the Andes between 100 and 3000 m.a.s.l, but there are a great deal that grow high up in the páramo as well. On our visits to Chingaza National Park we often encounter new species along the trail. The park, which has an altitude range of approximately 800-4020 m.a.s.l, is home to 27 families of orchids and 109 species. Below you will find some of the more commonly seen species in Chingaza. All photos were taken on our tours and we will keep adding as we have more to share.

ID Guide

Row 1 - Telipogon yolandae, Oncidium ornithorhynchum, Stenorrhynchos vaginatum, Telipogon berthae

Row 2 - Crocodeilanthe cassidis, Epidendrum zipaquiranum, Epidendrum erosum, Epidendrum secundum

Row 3 - Stelis sp., Oncidium luteopurpureum, Fernandezia lanceolata, Cyrtochilum weirii

Row 4 - Stelis parvilabris, Epidendrum oxysepalum, Elleanthus maculatus, Stelis pulchella

Row 5 - Comparettia macroplectron (Fómeque), Epidendrum carlos-uribei, Epidendrum cylindraceum, #4 (unidentified)

Row 6 - Elleanthus aurantiacus, Stelis argentata, Odontoglossum gloriosum, Stelis sp.

Row 7 - #1 (unidentified), Epidendrum klotzscheanum

Andes EcoTours currently offers 3 different routes through Chingaza National Park:

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