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Colombia: home of biodiversity

Have you firmed up those travels plans to Colombia yet? Obviously, the thought of figuring out where you might visit once you arrive and what you might do is overwhelming to some. I can completely understand that. A vibrant culture, a rich history, and everything in between is up for grabs. Then again, these are exactly the things that draw foreign visitors from across the globe to Colombia.

Let's consider one more important aspect of Colombia that should definitely figure into your travel plans.

Colombia is categorized as one of the "megadiverse" countries of the world. Within its borders, the nation holds close to 10% of the entire planet's biodiversity. Take, for example, the fact that it stands as the number one country in bird species diversity, with over 1.900 species out of the around 9.000 that exist worldwide (1).

This incredible level of biodiversity is due to its equally astounding number of different ecosystems – 314 specific types, to be precise. From the coasts to the páramo found at the top of the Andes, Colombia sustains a complex web of life within its vastly diverse ecological components.

This biodiversity is an essential part of the soul of Colombia. It is the lifeblood of Colombia, you might say. Food, medicine, water are just a sample of the multitude of primary use goods that can be derived from the functions and processes of biodiversity (2). Secondary uses come in the form of climatic stabilization, natural disaster mitigation, and recreation.

At Andes EcoTours, we strive to foster a respect for, and understanding of, the importance of biodiversity. This is why, when taken as a whole, all of our tours offer more than a dozen choices of ecosystem to experience.

Come join us and you can be hiking through cloud forests on Monday and then canoeing through wetlands by Tuesday.

- Chase W





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