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Sustainable Tourism Bogotá

This tour combines two unique experiences into one, allowing you an immersion into the real lives of Colombian coffee and cocoa farmers. Learn how to produce coffee and chocolate the artisanal way as you participate in the process from start to finish, play a traditional game of tejo and enjoy a refreshing dip in natural river pools. Abundant natural landscapes await!



We will spend the night on a coffee farm with a local family. Rooms are fitted with double beds and a private outside bathroom with warm showers. 


The coffee/cocoa lands have a warmer climate with day time temperatures up to 32ºC and night temperatures of 15ºC with the possibility of sporadic rain showers.


The coffee farms are located south-west of Bogotá about 2.5 hours from our departure point (80km away). The cocoa farms are 1 hour further. The coffee farms are found at 1800 m.a.s.l and the cocoa farms are at a lower altitude of 800 m.a.s.l.


Tour is priced at $250 per person based on a 2-person minimum. This includes private transport, a bilingual guide, accommodation in a rural farm stay, 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, entrances, personal accident insurance and a link to an online photo album. 

Coffee and chocolate farm stay.png


"Andres was so amazing and patient answering all questions that our little curious group had about Bogota, coffee, people, culture, history and the towns. The trip included all the elements one would want - learning, fun, meeting the locals, home-cooked meal, playing a game, sipping and making coffee from scratch. We went around towns and drank some amazing local fruit juice as well. For those who are interested in exploring the remote towns of Bogota and knowing the coffee farmers this is the best choice. I can say hands down that this tour in Bogota with the group and Andes was one of the most memorable days I had in Colombia. Sipping coffee, staring at the mountains, watching the hummingbirds, playing with the local kids and talking to the innocent farmers. It was serene and lovely!" - Prathibha


Coffee & Chocolate Farm Stay - 2 days

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