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Sustainable Tourism Bogotá


Endemics: Bogotá rail, Apolinar's wren, Silvery-throated spinetail, Spot-flanked gallinule (ss), American coot (ss), Yellow-hooded blackbird (ss).


Near endemics: Rufous-browed conebill, Scrub tanager


Regularly seen: Andean ruddy duck, Common gallinule, Purple gallinule, Black flowerpiercer, Lesser Goldfinch, Spectacled parrotlet, Sparkling violetear, White-bellied woodstar, Yellow-backed oriole, Troupial, Shiny cowbird, Palm tanager, Blue-grey tanager, Summer tanager (migratory), Swainson's thrush (migratory), Blue-winged teal (migratory), Blackburnian warbler (migratory), Yellow-billed cuckoo (migratory)

Things to know

The savanna wetlands can be found around 2600 m.a.s.l, with average temperatures ranging from 15C to 19C. Near to the water's edge you will find the terrain to be quite swampy, but generally the land around the wetlands is flat and easily accessible. Rain is always possible, though it doesn't usually last long. Sun protection, comfortable walking shoes and a light waterproof jacket/umbrella are all you'll need. 


Price is $60 per person, based on a 2-person minimum. This includes private transportation, 2 hours of birdwatching in the botanical gardens, 2 hours of birdwatching in the wetlands, access to identification materials & a bilingual guide. Should you wish to spend more time at either location, additional hours will be billed at $25 per group per hour. Additional locations are available.

* Pick-up and drop-off will be from the Pan Pa Ya in Chapinero. Transport from your hotel can be arranged at an extra cost of $25 each way (available for most locations).


Urban Wetlands & Botanical Gardens

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