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Endemics: Silvery-throated spinetail


Near endemics: Andean siskin, Rufous-browed conebill, Pale-bellied tapaculo, Golden-fronted whitestart, Coppery-bellied puffleg


Regularly seen: Glowing puffleg, Scarlet-bellied mountain-tanager, Glossy flowerpiercer, Pale-naped brush-finch, Sword-billed hummingbird, White-bellied woodstar, Great sapphirewing, Green-tailed trainbearer, Black-tailed trainbearer, Eastern meadowlark, White-throated Tyrannulet, Brown-backed chat-tyrant, Red-crested Cotinga, Buff-breasted mountain tanager, Tyrian Metaltail

Things to know

The locations we visit include high andean cloud forests and sub-páramos ranging from 2,900 to 3,200 meters above sea level. Temperatures average between 10C and 15C. It's best to dress in warm, waterproof layers and bring sun protection.


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Price is $75 per person, based on a 2-person minimum. This includes private transportation, entrances, 3 hours of birdwatching at the hummingbird observatory, refreshment, access to identification materials & a bilingual guide. 

* Pick-up and drop-off is from the Pan Pa Ya in Chapinero

For those who are looking for a full day of birdwatching, we can combine this tour with a visit to some of the city's urban wetlands. Please email us for more information.


Hummingbird Observatory

+57 316 438 7621 
WhatsApp: +57 310 559 9729
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