Sustainable Tourism Bogotá

Hiking & Trekking

Day Trips

Cloud Forest & Waterfall Hike 

(Bogotá 6 hours)


Journey with us through green and lush mountain trails as we discover a land filled with waterfalls, biodiversity and local farming culture. Make your way up to one of the talest waterfalls in the Andes (over 500 meters high) while looking out for orchids and medicinal native plants.

Chicaque Cloud Forest Hike

(Bogotá 7 hours)


Pay a visit to one of the most iconic and lush cloud forests around Bogotá! Hike in search of colorful tanagers and toucans, take in spectacular views as the clouds roll in and out all while surrounded by the living sounds of nature.

Mountaintop Páramo Trek 

(Bogotá 8 hours)

Experience this high-altitude andean ecosystem filled with unique fauna and flora. A visit to a private reserve in the Sumapaz Páramo will make you feel like you have stepped onto another planet. 


Chingaza Siecha Lakes Hike

(Bogotá 8 hours)

Discover the unique plant life and landscapes of the páramo ecosystem as we hike above 3800 m.a.s.l. Visit three andean lagoons that make up the sacred Siecha Lakes of Chingaza.


Multi-day Treks

Tequendama Cloud Forest Reserve (2 days)

Hike through lush cloud forest in search of colorful tanagers, toucans & agoutis. Take in spectacular views while watching the clouds roll in and out and spend a restful night surrounded by the living sounds of nature.


Camino al Meta Chingaza Trek (2 days)

   Three centuries ago catholic monks set up a trail to cross the high Andes in order to evangelize the natives. Chingaza National Park has recently made this forgotten route available as one of the most challenging, yet least visited mountain passages in Colombia. Dare to explore!


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