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Sustainable Tourism Bogotá


How can I find out if you already have tours scheduled?


As soon as a tour is confirmed, we update our online calendar. If you would like to join one of our scheduled tours, click here to find out how many spaces we have left for each trip. 

Why is your price listed in US dollars?

The majority of our customers prefer to pay with a credit card. In order to ensure the prices on our website match those listed on the payment platform, we list our prices in US dollars. This also helps international visitors to work out conversion rates and decide which tour is better suited for them.

Can I still pay for my tour in cash?

You can pay cash for your tour using either US dollars or Colombian pesos. The exchange rate will be calculated based on the TRM on the payment date. Please note that since we cannot guarantee your spots without a payment, you risk losing your space if you wait until the day of the tour to pay. 

What is included in the price?


All of our tours include private transport, entrances, guiding costs and (where available) a taste of a local snack or drink. Lunch is NOT included in the price unless the tour description specifically states so.

Should I tip the guide?


While all of our guides receive a fair wage for their services, tips are greatly appreciated. This lets your guide know that you enjoyed the tour and appreciated a job well done. If you prefer not to give money, feel free to buy them a drink or snack along the way. 

I am traveling alone. What is your price for 1 person?


Prices listed on our website reflect a 2 person minimum. If you are a solo traveler your best option is to join a tour already scheduled. If the date you wish to tour is open, you can request a tour and wait for other people to join. 

How far ahead do I need to make a reservation?


Our tours are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis, so we recommend you reserve your choice ahead of time. We will do our best to accommodate last minute requests but is not always possible to arrange. For bookings within 24 hours of departure, you should call or WhatsApp us

I'm ready to book a tour. How do I make a reservation?


If you already know which tour you want to do, send us an email with the requested date and we will reply with a payment link if the date is available. Day trips are required to be paid in full, but payment plans can be arranged for multi-day excursions. Please do not pay for any tour without having a confirmed space ahead of time.

What are my payment options?


Payments can be done in cash, via bank deposit or online using any major credit card. Be advised that our online credit card booking system will charge you a U$5 fee per transaction. There are no additional fees for paying in cash or via bank deposit. 

What kind of transport can I expect?


Due to the nature and difficulty of the roads we we use 4x4 SUVs as shown below. Keep this in mind when packing for your trip since space in our vehicles is limited. Oversized luggage should be stored in Bogotá prior to departure. 


How many people can I expect to join me on the tour?


We run small group tours that allow for a more personal, authentic experience. Our average group size ranges from 2-6 participants. On rare occasions and during high season, we might accommodate up to 15 participants.


What should I bring on the tour?


We recommend that you bring sun protection, a copy of your passport/ID and a re-usable water bottle. We do not recommend wearing shorts or open-toed shoes on any of our day trips. 

Is it safe to drink the water where we are going?


The tap water in Bogotá is perfectly safe to drink. Most of the other destinations we visit have potable water. If you are out hiking, your guide will let you know whether the mountain water is safe to drink. 

What is the accommodation like for overnight tours?


Rural Accommodation means that you will be staying with a local farming host family in a homestay experience. No two families are alike, but we try very hard to guarantee a clean and comfortable stay, absent of luxuries. This is NOT a hotel-like experience but rather an opportunity to share real life with locals. We are usually able to provide warm showers.


Park Lodges give you the benefit of being close to nature, but it also means giving up a few of your comforts from home. While the available accommodation in park lodges varies from one location to the next, most often they include dormitory-style rooms with bunkbeds that you may, on some occasions, have to share with other guests. Bathrooms are shared and most often have warm water. 


Rural Hotels that you will find in small towns have clean rooms without luxuries. Showers usually have warm water.


City hotels can be of 3 or 4 stars and are able to offer more luxuries including private bathrooms and hot water.


Should I be concerned about safety?


The destinations we have chosen for our tours are considered to be safe for international visitors. We do not venture into high risk zones or conflict areas. We do ask, however, that you to carefully read our policies and procedures before the start of your tour and follow the general safety guidelines that have been put into place. 

Most of the incidents you might have heard about Colombia in the news have occurred in isolated pockets of the country, far from regular tourist routes. The region surrounding Bogotá, and the places we visit during our tours, are considered to be safe and welcoming to visitors. Andes EcoTours is not a newcomer to the area, with the majority of our guides having been born and raised in the regions where we work. We have invested a significant amount of time building relationships with local communities and in researching the trails. As long as you closely follow the guidelines that we have put into place for our tours, we will have a pleasant and safe experience. 

Do I need to get vaccinated before participating in any of the tours?


Vaccinations are not required for any of the destinations we visit. The high altitudes at which we operate mean that your chance of contracting any sort of tropical disease is extremely low. Ultimately it is up to you to make the decision considering your own risk. None of our guides have any special vaccinations. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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