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Sustainable Tourism Bogotá

Andes EcoTours aims is to promote environmental conservation through the strengthening of rural communities who provide ecotourism services to visitors. In this section you will find all the actions that we have taken over the last 7 years to further our mission. 

What is Ecotourism?


Ecotourism is "responsible travel to natural areas that 1. conserves the environment, 2. sustains the well-being of the local people and 3. involves interpretation and education" The International Ecotourism Society (TIES).

Andes EcoTours promotes Ecotourism by:


  • Empowering locals through the support of community-based ecotourism projects.

  • Generating financial benefits for rural families by contracting the services of local campesino farmers.

  • Visiting natural areas with a commitment to environmental conservation.

  • Building environmental and cultural awareness in both visitors and locals.

  • Delivering memorable visitor experiences that help raise awareness of Colombia's environmental challenges.

  • Offering support and assistance for sustainable development initiatives in the communities we work with.

Past Ecotourism Projects & Sustainability Events



Environmental Week and Birding Workshop at the rural elementary school of Vereda Aguadulce (April)

Organization of Global Big Day route with community members of Tibacuy (May)

Environmental Week and Birding Workshop at the rural elementary school of Vereda La Vuelta (June)

Bird training event for local guides in Vereda Aguadulce (July)

Participation in Aquatic Bird Census (July)



Sponsored community nativity celebration (novena) in Vereda La Vuelta (December)

Participation in Aquatic Bird Census (xx)

Assisted coffee growers with design of a presentation on the relationship between birds and the environment



Amazon training project for native Ticuna ex-hunters through Entropica NGO (April)

Organization with community members of Global Big Day Vereda Aguadulce (May)

Community training and travel to Quindio coffee farm (June)

Amazon guide training project for native Ticuna ex-hunters through Entropica NGO (October)


Fundraising & construction of children Youth Library in Tibacuy (xx)


Art & English Vacation School program (July)

Animals & English Workshop (where?) (December)

Sustainable Gardening Club at the rural school in Aguadulce (xx)


Environmental Art & Bird Workshop for rural youth (February)

Photography Workshop for rural youth (November)

Rock Art workshop for rural tour guides (xx)

Community training for local guides in Chicaque nature reserve (xx)

Inclusion in fresh food market for local guides and farming families of Choachi (xx)



Christmas gift collection & delivery for rural kids (December)


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