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Sustainable Tourism Bogotá

1 Day

Hiking & Trekking




Páramo National Park Trek

(High Difficulty)

Experience this high-altitude, andean ecosystem filled with unique fauna and flora. What you see here, will make you feel like you have stepped onto another planet. 

Choachí Waterfall Hike

(Medium Difficulty)

Journey with us through andean trails as we discover a land rich in waterfalls,  untouched forest and dairy farming culture. Breathtaking landscapes await! 

Tablazo Nature Reserve

(Low Difficulty)

Enjoy three different ecosystems in one day while visiting the most diverse mountain near Bogotá. The perfect snapshot of what the Andes has to offer. 

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Magical Chingaza

(High Difficulty)

Live the tranquility of the páramo by day and by night as we hike through fields of endemic frailejón plants, stopping to admire the unique fauna & flora. 

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Chicaque Cloud Forest

(Medium Difficulty)

Hike through lush forest, take in spectacular views and wake up to the call of nature after a restful night in a cabin, treehouse or under the stars. 


Cocuy National Park

(High Difficulty - 4 days)

Discover the magic that surrounds Colombia's most impressive snow peaks. Climb above 5000 meters and be amazed by vast views and diverse landscapes.

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