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Sustainable Tourism Bogotá

1 Day

Culture, Coffee & Landscapes



Traditional Bogotá Coffee Tour


Experience the old fashioned way of growing coffee while visiting real small family farms. Enjoy a local game of Tejo, admire indian rock carvings & taste some of the softest coffee in the world!

Fúquene Lagoon & Handicrafts


Learn how to make your own handicrafts from local reeds, enjoy a leisurely boat ride on the lagoon with local fishermen and get aquainted with a variety of wetland bird species. 


Coffee Farm Stay


Spend the night on a working coffee farm and participate in the production process from start to finish. Hike through an ancient sacred forest reserve in search of rock art and admire spectacular views from the mountain top.  

Handicraft Villages


Travel through the countryside and experience the traditions of local artisans first-hand. Learn how to make baskets from reeds, mold your own pots out of clay and spend time shopping in a picture-perfect town.

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Salt Cathedral & Villa de Leyva

(3 days)

Visit the world-famous salt cathedral before heading to colonial Villa de Leyva. Explore the cobblestone streets, uncover archeaological wonders & visit a unique house made entirely out of clay.

Cocora Valley

(4 days)

Enjoy the serenity of the countryside while walking through picturesque towns. Learn about Colombia's coffee culture, look for howler monkeys in the forest and explore a valley filled with towering palm trees.


(5 days)

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