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Sustainable Tourism Bogotá


This is your best option for exploring Colombia's Nevados (snow-capped mountains) with maximum altitudes of up to 5330 meters above sea level. During this trek you will discover the incredible sights of the Colombian highlands and experience the welcoming culture of its people. As we climb towards the perpetual snow, we will search for endemic birds & amphibians with a chance to enjoy the curtain of stars on a clear night. This tour will take you either to Cocuy National Park or Nevado del Tolima, both 10 hours away from our departure point in Bogotá.



Cocuy: There are multiple day-hikes to choose from in Cocuy averaging 8 to 14 hours each. Accommodation is in the nearby towns with private rooms and bathrooms. The altitude gain for each hike is 1 to 1.5 kilometers. Multi-day hikes are not yet available for this destination so each day starts and ends at the base town. 

Tolima: In order to reach the snow line or the summit, we must hike for 2 to 3 days staying at mountain lodges with private rooms and shared bathrooms. This trek is our off-the-beaten-path option since reaching the summit is thought to be amongst the 20th most challenging mountain hikes in the world!



This tour involves long, strenuous hikes at high altitudes, challenging terrain and tough weather conditions. Participants need to be in excellent health and have experience hiking at high altitudes. We are happy to arrange a trip for your party at any time of the year but you will typically find dryer conditions and more open views during the months of September through March. Temperatures can range from -2ºC to 18ºC on any given day.  


​Cocuy National Park is located to the North of the city, 10 hours from our departure point (400km). ​Nevado del Tolima is located to the West of the city, 10 hours from our departure point (310km).


Tour price is estimated at US $300 per person per day, based on a 2-person/3-day minimum. This includes private transport, a bilingual guide, local mountain guides, accommodation, partial meals, all entrances, personal traveler's insurance and a link to an online photo album.

Note: climbing equipment needed to reach the peaks is available for rent.

Draft Itinerary

This trek is of high difficulty, fit for experienced hikers only. It is required that your party be in top physical condition due to the challenging trails coupled with steep mountain passages. You must be able to hike for at least 6 hours each day on challenging, steep terrain.

Rainbow River  3+ days

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