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Sustainable Tourism Bogotá


Urban Wetlands (6 hours)


The city of Bogotá boasts the largest amount of birds of any capital icty in the world (over 200), and in the wetlands, you will find close to 60 of these species. Bogotá's wetlands include 13 recognized water bodies, with at least 3 of them containing specialized infrastructure for birdwatching. Junco and Enea reeds found at the water;s edge provide shelter for families of tinguas that can easily be spotted feeding in the open water. Other common sitings include grebes, ducks, yellow-hooded blackbirds, flycatchers, egrets and paraqueets, amongst others.

Páramo (8 hours)


The páramo is a unique Andean high-altitude ecosystem found nowhere else on earth, making it one of the best places around Bogotá to see unique and endemic species. The weather extremities, the altitude and the speed at which temperature and humidity change, make the páramo one of the most inhospitable places on earth, and yet at the same time, one of the most magical. The plants of the páramo are only found above 3,400 meters of altitude, and the few animals that are encountered here are uniquely adapted to this harsh and dynamic environment.

Cloud Forest (2 days)


The Cloud Forest is the main ecosystem found around the capital of Bogotá,, having been protected primarily by the steep geography of the region. Chances of seeing bird life are very high, with regular sightings of tanagers, toucanets, hummingbirds and migratory warblers. The cloud forest, as its name suggests, is naturally overcast, often with a hovering cloud that makes the air and soil very humid and fresh. Altitude ranges between 1,800 and 3,200 meters above sea leve, with most of our tours taking place around 2,900.

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