Sustainable Tourism Bogotá

Coffee & Chocolate Farm Tours

Day Trips

Traditional Bogotá Coffee Tour (10 hours)


Experience the artisanal way of growing coffee while visiting real small family farms. Enjoy a local game of Tejo & taste some of the smoothest coffee in the world!


Chocolate & Coffee Farm Tour (11 hours)


Get the most out of your visit to Colombia with this two-in-one specialty offering. Visit a working cocoa farm and then make your way up the mountain to learn about the coffee process.


Multi-day Tours

Coffee & Chocolate Farm Stay (2 days)

Experience life as a real coffee and cocoa (chocolate) farmer. This amazing combo tour will offer you a chance to participate in the production process from start to finish and taste the fruits of your own farm labor.


Nature, Coffee & Chocolate Lands (3 days)

Experience Colombia's countryside and its famous coffee & cacao culture, look for howler monkeys deep inside the forest and explore picturesque colonial towns. Great option for those traveling from Bogotá to Armenia, Pereira or Salento.


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