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Day Trips

Andes Mountains Horseback Riding (5 hours)

Ride your horse around the San Rafael dam up into the high mountains of La Calera. Enjoy a fun ride with spectacular views and andean forest vegetation.


Chingaza Páramo Adventure (9 hours)


Experience the magic of the páramo ecosystem by car and on foot. Visit high-Andean cloud forest while looking for wildlife, marvel at waterfalls, deep lagoons and out-of-this-world landscapes.



Bogotá Páramo Mountain Biking (5 hours)

Fúquene Lagoon & Handicrafts (10 hours)


Join a local fisherman for a ride along the lagoon in his dugout canoe, participate in the ancient craft of basket weaving, and visit local towns with a story to tell.




Escape the city and take a ride on the wild side! Join us as we bike through the Andean countryside, surrounded by fresh air and spectacular mountain views. 



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