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Sustainable Tourism Bogotá


Rural Homestay


Our rural accommodation means that you will be staying with a local farming host family in a homestay experience. No two families are alike, but we try very hard to guarantee a clean and comfortable stay, albeit absent of luxuries. This means a room in somebody's house, so you will be sharing the common spaces and bathrooms with your host. Occasional visits from dogs, cats, chickens and curious children can happen at any given time... but that's half the fun! This is NOT a hotel-like experience but rather an opportunity to share real life with locals. We are usually able to provide warm showers, but sometimes the water is cold.


Park Lodges


Staying in park lodges gives you the benefit of being close to nature, but it also means giving up a few of your comforts from home. While the available accommodation in park lodges varies from one location to the next, most often they include dormitory-style rooms with up to 10 bunkbeds that you may, on some occasions, have to share with other guests. Bathrooms are shared and most often have hot water. 



By default, most of our tours include mid-range hotel accommodation. These are your average rural hotels that you will find in most small towns. Rooms are clean and comfortable without luxuries. Showers usually have warm water and sometimes hot water as well. City hotels can be of 3 or 4 stars and are able to offer more luxuries.


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