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Bogotá's organic farmers market - every Sunday at the HUB!


Bogotá is has a huge number of fresh markets. The cheap produce and wide array of fruit is actually one of my favorite parts about living in this city. Even with the plentiful markets, I still found myself pining for the cheery farmers markets I had come to love in the US. I was thrilled to discover the Impact HUB Bogotá sustainable market for exactly that reason. The relatively small market of locally produced goods is chocked full of friendly faces and unique, high quality items. Much more than other Colombian markets, the HUB market really gives the consumer an idea about where the products come from and how they are made. Many sellers are all too eager to explain the backstory and benefits of their product over its conventional counterpart.

The market is also very diverse. Of course you can find organic fruits and vegetables,

but vendors also sell natural shampoos, local honey, craft beer, bicycle repairs, and falafal, among other things. I always leave with more goodies than intended (oops). And as of the last few weeks, you can now find ecotours! That’s right, Andes EcoTours has partnered with some of our local guiding communities to have a table at the market. We now spend every Sunday at the market selling dairy products from Choachí and coffee from Quininí, as well as providing information about our ecotours and the work we do with our guiding communities.

Sunday has easily turned into my favorite day at work. It gives us a chance to meet

other sustainably minded individuals and reach a different group of consumers than we typically see in La Candelaria. The market is a huge mix of both locals and foreigners, but most people seem to be living in Bogota on a more permanent basis than the tourists in the city center. I really love interacting with this demographic of people because so many Bogotanians do not know what lies beyond the city. It’s been great showing locals that there is some really accessible hiking and outdoor activities from Bogota.

The strong community aspect found in the market has also been wonderful. I have loved

making friends with the other vendors and always look forward to seeing what new things they are selling each week. The market also gives us a chance to strengthen our connection with the communities where we have tours, and truly fulfill the mission of the company.

Feel free to check out the market for yourself every Sunday from 9 AM - 3 PM at Cl 69

#6-20. Hope to see you there!

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